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Build and Create like you do in your Dreams! Traverse and Navigate Technologies, Programming Languages, Software Platforms, Best Practices, and more to help make the product of your dreams part of your reality.

Technologies Covered:

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We teach you the same technologies we use.

Dan Root, Owner of Third Eye Cyborg.

What you'll learn

How these courses will take you novice to advanced:

  • Figma Design
  • WebStudio Development
  • Plasmic Development
  • FlutterFlow Development
  • Firebase and Rowy Development
  • Supabase and Basedash Development
  • Appwrie and ToolJet Development
  • Buildship Advancements
  • ML and AI with MindsDB
  • Publishing and Releasing

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Who should take this course?

Software Designers
Software Developers
Passionate Enthusiasts

Courses We Cover


Learn Design with Figma.

Firebase + Rowy

Learn Firebase and Rowy to supercharge your backend development

WebStudio + Plasmic

Learn Website and Web App Development with Plasmic

Supabase + Basedash

Learn Supabase and Basedash to create a free and powerful backend solution for your next project


Learn Cross-Platform app development with FlutterFlow.

Appwrite + ToolJet

Learn Appwrite and ToolJet for the ultimate server-side knowledge


Learn how to advance your app with this incredible dev tool.


Learn ML and AI with SQL.

Coming Soon!

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