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We demonstrate how to use technology first hand and show the various problems involved in the process. We also help sift through the different platforms available and give our recommendations on what to use, why, and how we use it. Enjoy updates by signing up for our Newsletter. We roll out free and premium (members only) content regularly. If you are interested, you can find us on Youtube, Medium, Spotify (& most major podcasting platforms), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TicTok, Reddit, Quora, Slack, Discord, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Patreon. Don't stop coding your mind!
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We help navigate the complex waters of the current technology industry. We thrive to give our audience meaningful lessons, best practices, and knowledge to give a full and holistic framework on how to approach different types of software design and development projects, as well as data science projects.

We use the same technology for our Courses and Agency that we use for our own sites and apps.

We teach what we use for our own projects, giving you peace of mind that the methods we are teaching or using for your projects are tried and true paths.
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Code is our Center

We are heavy believers that AI Gen, No-Code, Low-Code, and Pro-Code are helper tools for Data Scientists, Designers, and Developers and not replacements. We love knowing what is under the hood so we are less limited and more secure in our confidence of building honest and powerful products and services.

Technology is Just Another Pattern of Nature

Learn technologies that power up your experience.
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